Voltaic Pro 2 Men's Football Boots


New season range!

For the ultimate kickstart on the field, look no further than the Voltaic Pro 2 men's football boots.

These boots are just what you need for speed, comfort, and stability. Designed by podiatrists, XBlades football boots are here to help you play the long game.

  • X-SURGENT PEBAX SOLEPLATE maximises your kinetic return while running for ultimate efficiency and energy
  • MAGKNIT CONSTRUCTION locks your foot into the boot almost as if it were magnetised, thanks to our unique, lightweight knitted construction
  • STRUCTURED INNER BOARD protects your feet from the stress of running all game long
  • PORON INNERSOLE offers the ultimate cushioning and padding to absorb impact and reduce limb fatigue

All XBlades boots are designed with extra width, in a range of sizes to suit all styles of player.