Dominate the field


The most exciting recent development at XBlades has been taking our revolutionary vision and technological perspective, into the largest participation Sport in the Commonwealth, Netball.

XBlades has developed the most technical and sophisticated purpose built netball shoes ever to hit the market.

In the XBlades Feint and Attack, we see unparalleled technical execution to provide protection from injury on the netball court, with a specific focus on the knee.


The XBlades story

XBlades started from humble beginnings, when AFL player and biomechanist David Miers first saw the connection between the football boots he was wearing and lower leg injuries.

Designing his solution to the problem: a revolutionary bladed sole, the first of its kind and the foundation for the creation of XBlades.

Ever since its Establishment in 1989 XBlades has prided itself as a leader in the football boot industry. Originally focused on native Australian Sports; Rugby and AFL, but now expanding into Netball, Soccer, Cricket and beyond. 

XBlades is taking its revolutionary vision and technological perspective, and running towards the future.

Get ready for the new season.

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