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JET X Men's Football Boots

Sale price$270.00

Lead by X-Ample with the 2020 Jet X boot.

Built for comfort and endurance, JET X ensures you'll spend more time on the park, more minutes = more influence on the final result. Simple really. JET X comes fully equipped with a lightweight XPLODE Foam 10MM wedge, a heel raise designed to protect your lower limbs and minimise fatigue. JET X is loaded with our Sidewinder outsole, a unique Australian invention from XBlades, designed to give you traction when you need it and release under duress when you don't, aiming to further protect your lower limbs further. Mixed into that combination is our legendary upper, JET X uses a premium leather upper that is able to mould to your foot to give you that ultra-personal fit and increased comfort.

Find your X-Factor with Jet X.

JET X Men's Football Boots Sale price$270.00