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Welcome to the evolution of sports innovation! Born out of a passion for excellence and a commitment to revolutionize athletic footwear, our journey at XBlades began with a simple realisation being the direct link between the gear we wear and the game-changing performance on the field.

In 1989, a visionary mind pioneered a ground-breaking solution to lower leg injuries in sports. This birthed a revolutionary bladed sole – a game-changer and the cornerstone of our brand's inception.

In 2023, XBlades was purchased by a consortium of passionate sports loving businesspeople with a genuine passion for the brand and the determination to re-establish XBlades as one of the globe's premium sporting and footwear brands. What this means for you, is that fans and wearers of our products can look forward to the launch of an exciting range of new footwear, alongside many of their old favourites.

The coming year promises a fusion of tradition and innovation, marking a new era for XBlades.

Our commitment to excellence is not just a statement; it's a journey. By collaborating with leading experts in podiatry, biomechanics, and sports science, we've become synonymous with cutting-edge technology and design.

Our bladed soles, especially the iconic Sonic and Bionic variants, have become the trusted choice for athletes worldwide. As we stride into the future, XBlades embraces a new direction, introducing products which defy boundaries and redefine innovation. Experience the game-changing X-Slip for in-heel stability and the hydrophobic ball-striking prowess of X-Grip, among other technological marvels that elevate our footwear to unprecedented heights.

From a grassroots revolution to an international powerhouse, XBlades now offers more than just footwear. Our product range spans high-performance sports footwear, cutting-edge protection, and trendsetting apparel. XBlades is and will always provide a sporting solution for elite athletes and teams right through to grassroots enthusiasts.

At XBlades, we stand on the pillars of an unwavering ethos. Our company and partners share a commitment to avoiding shortcuts and cutting no corners. Our foundation is built on four key characteristics – Energetic Culture, Creative Innovation, Insurgent Minds, and Gritty Hearts. These principles are the driving force behind XBlades identity, shaping us into the dynamic and respected company we strive to be. Join us in the journey of sporting excellence.

Elevate your game with XBlades where innovation meets passion, and performance knows no bounds.

Quite simply, XBlades is sport.

Find out more about our history here.