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The Foundations of The New XBlades

XBlades started from humble beginnings when AFL player and biomechanist David Miers first saw the connection between the football boots he was wearing and lower leg injuries. Designing his solution to the problem: a revolutionary bladed sole, the first of its kind and the foundation for the creation of XBlades. Ever since its Establishment in 1989 XBlades has prided itself as a leader in the football boot industry, particularly focused on native Australian Sports; Rugby and AFL.

By partnering with leading podiatrists, biomechanics experts and sport science divisions of Australia’s top universities XBlades has become a staple in innovative technology and design, making it a market leader for bladed soles. The sole design still remains as the core irreplaceable foundation of the brand and has been unable to be truly copied by our competitors. Most notably the Sonic and Bionic soles, worn worldwide by leading athletes of the AFL, rugby league, touch and union. Further developments into wide lasted TPU outsoles, protective heel wedges and dual density outsoles ensured that XBlades customers were benefiting from the revolutionary technologies XBlades had invented in the past.

New Direction, New Product

As XBlades grows and evolves so too does our product, we are now able to bring technologies that are pushing boundaries of innovation allowing us to pursue perfection. Since then XBlades has introduced X-Slip an in-heel stability element, X-Grip a hydrophobic ball striking printed patter and many more technological advancements that will make our footwear the very best. From a small scale revolution footwear brand to international high-performance, high-quality sports footwear, protection and apparel company XBlades is bringing together all the right elements to take over the game. These core product groups now more accessible than ever, provided to elite top grade AFL and Rugby teams in Australia and the UK all the way from the top down to the grassroots level.

As XBlades continues to grow internationally the world will now have access to leading apparel, footwear and protection, products we can be proud of.

At XBlades the ethos of the company and those who we partner with ensures that we aren’t taking shortcuts or cutting corners. The cornerstones of the brand and all it stands for come down to four key characteristics; Energetic Culture, Creative Innovation, Insurgent Minds and Gritty Hearts, without which XBlades wouldn’t be the company it is today.