Moving into teamwear

XBlades has been a brand with a nostalgic heritage in our indigenous football codes- Australian Rules Football (AFL) and Rugby League (NRL), by supplying apparel and footwear into these markets.

The AFL and NRL are now both internationally recognised competitions featuring the worlds best athletes, it makes sense that their apparel and footwear matches the standards. The sporting equipment and apparel landscape is now a competitive advantage, if and when, the product is right. Science has always paved the development of our products and for 30 years we’ve worked alongside athletes and clubs to bring this science to their apparel and footwear.

That’s always been where it ends, the professional teams have access to the best team-wear and the rest of the market has been sectioned off by suppliers and their choices limited. 

We’re gunning for change.

We’re thrilled to now introduce XBlades custom-made sporting apparel to the market. Every organisation can now benefit from the testing we do with athletes at the highest levels, all of our products are road tested and sculpted by the very best. XBlades team-wear can cater for all levels of sport from elite sport, school sport to grassroots sports, the advancements we have made at the highest levels can now be offered to all levels of sport.