Covered from head to toe

Until there was XBlades the elite football codes of Australia were ignored by overseas football boot giants, forced into wearing inadequate football designed for other sports.
When XBlades founder David Miers first recognised the link between footwear and his own personal injuries the first bladed boot, and first boot made for Australian sports were invented. Since then, XBlades has gone about making footwear suited to the conditions of Australia, the size of Australian feet and the demands that contact sport puts on feet.

Did you know that during a tackle up to 10 times your body weight is exerted through your feet? Without the right footwear prepared for this force, you could be doing yourself damage.

We’ve designed boots to meet the biomechanical demands unique to these specific requirements all in an effort to reduce injuries for athletes.

When we started focusing on protecting players it made sense to make the leap into providing more than just football boots. We now offer a range of protective equipment, protecting your head with our headgear, your chest, shoulders and kidneys with our shoulder guards and even your smile with our mouth guards. 

We’ve literally got you covered from head to toe.

Having designed apparel for leading professional sporting clubs, we’ve demanded the highest quality of our garments because that what we expect they would demand from us. We’ve thrived on excellence and had a quest to do better and better each year, we’re on a pursuit of excellence.

When was the last time you saw an XBlades jersey tear in a professional game? Can’t remember? We can’t either. We’ve worked tirelessly on making our products durable enough to meet the toughest of challenges, constantly improving year on year. The advancements we’ve made for our professional teams are now available for all levels of the sport.

We’re not about taking shortcuts, we’re not about cutting corners. Now by offering this to all clubs from professional to grassroots, all our customers have access to the best products.