Welcome to Japan.

Welcome to Japan.

At XBlades we understand the importance of having the right tools for your chosen sport.

For rugby, that means having boots built to withstands the forces of tackling but also shaped to suit rugby players of all shapes and sizes. In the past few years, XBlades has launched globally, meaning more countries than ever have access to rugby specific footwear. XBlades has helped support Rugby players in New Zealand, the UK, France and even earlier this year in America. We’re now following the footsteps of nearly half a million Australian last year; XBlades is going to Japan.

Why Japan?


Growing Rugby Love.

At XBlades we love rugby, it’s in our heritage. XBlades globally has become synonymous with some of the biggest rugby clubs such as the London Irish and Gloucester Rugby from the UK. Given Japan also loves rugby, it seemed like a natural progression. 

Japan has the 7th highest participation rate worldwide and their national team, the Brave Blossoms, enjoys the benefits of its passionate (and vocal!) following, consistently rated the strongest union team in Asia. Japan’s love of rugby has been growing dramatically in recent years. Finally, someone took notice, with Japanese rugby fans being rewarded for their passion; securing the 2019 Rugby World Cup. the first to be held in Asia. With so much of the rugby world’s attention focussed on the land of the rising sun, so too did our focus with the ultimate goal of providing rugby players in Japan with the latest and best in rugby specific footwear.


One big, wide footed happy family.

 Because Australian’s love thongs and walking barefoot, we have wider feet than the rest of the world. In Japan, the custom of taking your shoes off before entering your house and the traditional wearing of sandals means the typical Japanese foot is also wider on average. With all of XBlades boots being tailored to the wide-fitting Australian rugby player, our products are already specialised for Japanese feet.

 Looks like it’s a better fit than we had imagined! With the continual growth of XBlades into a worldwide rugby brand, so too does our ability to meet the needs of specialty rugby footwear customers all over the globe.

We’re excited to be on this journey and can’t wait to see where it takes us.

 To find out more about where the boots are stocked in Japan, please visit:  http://www.flag-corp.co.jp/brand/xblades