Wearable Technology

At XBlades we have a deep appreciation for quality. It embodies our processes, our thoughts and our product. We don’t make anything for you that we wouldn’t wear ourselves. No compromises, no shortcuts. We push the limits of innovation so that you can push the limits of Australian sport.

Having already revolutionised football boots specific to the Australian game, we turned our sights to the development of our own performance and streetwear apparel.

How does our range differ from the hoard of apparel lines already out there? One word, Nuyarn - the next generation technology for our Merino Wool. Nuyarn is not a new fabric, it’s a new way of making fabric better in almost every way - warmer, lighter, stronger, stretchier, drier and more comfortable - with benefits that don’t wash out.

Merino wool is known for being one of the world’s finest, natural fibres, but traditional spinning methods can make merino feel scratchy and heavy. Nuyarn's unique method takes the twist (and the itch) out of wool by aligning the merino fibres around a synthetic inner yarn. Doing this, we’ve created an ultra-light merino garment that doesn’t feel like wool. Nuyarn gives garments better stretch, a 5 x faster dry time and better thermal control, keeping you warm or cool in any conditions.

We just had to harness this technology into our streetwear apparel. With performance meeting comfort as it never has before, we know you will never want to wear anything else!






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