A special guernsey for one of the greats

When Gary Ablett Junior takes the field for his 300th game the whole Gold Coast SUNS’ squad will wear a special GAZ 300th guernsey. The was guernsey designed and produced by XBlades in conjuction with Gary and the Gold Coast SUNS. The highlights of Ablett's illustrious career at both the SUNS and Geelong, sit along the side panelling as a tribute to a player who just may be the greatest to ever reach the 300 game milestone.

Gary has taken on great responsibility at the SUNS as club captain from 2011 to 2016 and helped to nurture and guide the development of the SUNS' young list. This weekend those SUNS’ have the opportunity to thank Gary for his all that he has done for their club, as a loyal servant and rugged on-field competitor.

We wish Gary and the Gold Coast SUNS team all the best in his 300th game and we are proud to have been involved in bringing this guernsey to life.

Limited match day guernseys from Gary and his teammates will be available for auction on the Gold Coast SUNS’ website here.


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