How the Firehawk got it's wings

There's a fantastic story behind our Firehawk colourway, one that has a unique Australian heritage. 

A Firehawk raptor is a group of Australian birds of prey, in fact, they may just be the most badass flying birds in the bush. Move over America, you're puny eagle is no match.

While it may have been local knowledge of the Indigenous people of Australia, it took the rest of us far longer to find out exactly why these birds have such a fearsome reputation.

Groups of raptors swarm into bushfires, picking up flaming embers. leaves, sticks or anything they can get their claws on and actively spread fire.In doing so the birds are able to corner their prey in a ring of fire, escape is impossible and the feeding frenzy begins. 

Damn nature you scary.

After finding out just how mental these unique Aussie birds were, we had little choice but to name our latest colourway after them.

You can read more about Firehawks from Nat Geo here