Zoroko's unusual Micro Jet tactic.

Dayne Zorko's AFL career has not followed the beaten path, he has done it his own unique way. From being overlooked to tearing up the state leagues Dayne ground his way to the top, from there has gone on to win four clubs best and fairest medals and take on the captaincy of the Lions.

Having worked with Dayne coming up to three seasons there is something we couldn't help but notice, he is meticulous about his football, every inch of performance he can get out of his body he will take. That's when we found out about his unique half-time boot tactic.

At the start of the match, Zorks wears his kangaroo-leather Jet's but at half time, often after running up to 9-10km's he makes a switch, into his 15g lighter Micro Jets. I've held the two boots, the difference is minimal, but this swap gives Dayne the edge over opponents as his body begins to feel the effects of a mammoth workload. 

Whilst not all of us will have access to two pairs of boots per match, it is a great representation of the commitment elite athletes have to perform at their best for longer. We might just give this a try ourselves...