Women's last at last.

With four XBlades athletes; Sarah Perkins, Chelsea Randall, Abbey Holmes and Kellie Gibson, in the inaugural AFLW premiership side, XBlades had taken big steps into AFLW. Whilst there was a large deal of development footwear specific to Football and Rugby, there was still a gap in the performance footwear for women in the industry.

Over the year the feedback from our athletes and those from other suppliers, their feedback was simple, make a better women’s last.

Our experience showed us that most women's footy and rugby players were wearing male boots, or boots just shrunk into women’s sizing without considering the difference in foot shape. Whilst the length is easily accommodated, too often companies ignore the difference in foot shape between men and women. Women’s feet are comparably thinner than the men’s lasts, this leaves the foot less stable in the boot and can risk serious injuries.

Without hesitation we worked on developing a last that takes into consideration the true shape of women’s feet, making a boot that would be better fitting and more secure than any alternative.

In 2018 both of our premium boots, Jet and MicroJet will be available in women’s lasts. Feedback has been fantastic, you can really tell when a boot was designed for your foot, the fit is a whole lot better.

On the back of this momentum, XBlades has been invited to fittings at several AFLW clubs and is well on the way to doubling the number of players onboard as brand ambassadors in Team XBlades.