Developing Micro Jet

Introducing MicroJet

When NRL powerhouse Matt Moylan came on board we were excited at the opportunity to develop a boot alongside him. Working one on one we were able to find out what he needed out of his footwear and make them suitable for the toughest of conditions.

We started to work on a boot that was as super light-weight like Jet, made from a  premium microfiber.  We then asked our athletes Moylan, Isaac Heeney and Bevan French to help us perfect these boots at the highest levels. Throughout the latter half of the 2017 season, the players were given the opportunity to have custom MicroJets to wear, the feedback we got from them helped us adjust Micro Jet until we had it perfect.

Working so closely with these elite players meant that we had hands-on experience with exactly how these boots performed under the most strenuous conditions. Added padding at the end of the heels helped to prevent blisters even in brand new boots. We added some additional foot protection inside, an EVA-inner board layer to prevent foot fatigue and a silicon x-grip layer to improve kick grip.

These players have been directly responsible for some amazing breakthroughs in footwear technology. Now that we are confident in the technology behind the boot we’ve worked on a range of colours that we’re sure you’ll love. Our Raptor Grey & Orange, Tidal Blue & Yellow and Fireball Orange & Black boots providing you with a great selection to choose from.