Women's and Kids Netball Shoes, Designed By Australian Olympic Podiatrist To Improve Pivot Performance, Comfort, Support and Stability.

Why is XBlades Feint the world's most sophisticated netball shoe?

XBlades Feint is the first purpose-built netball shoe of its kind. Other netball shoes are rebadged from other sports, and no other netball shoe on the market provides the features and performance of the Australian Olympic Podiatrist-designed XBlades Feint netball shoe.

The anatomical last is a world first, as the XBlades Feint netball shoe is built from a last that looks like a foot, providing unparalleled comfort, support, and stability.

Our patented Brake 9.6.1 Technology recognises the huge load transferred to the knee because of the no-step rule, and helps to protect from catastrophic knee injury, all too often experienced on the netball court.

The XBlades Feint rounded midsole contouring addresses the netball athlete's requirement for directional change, and therefore improves court stability and performance.

The specialised cradle on the XBlades Feint netball shoes medially and laterally maintains foot position and improves stability within the shoe. This feature further aids comfort and overall performance on the netball court.

Available in a variety of colours, order your XBlades Feint netball shoes online today, or find a retailer near you, and experience the difference!

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