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XBlades Affiliate Program

An invitation to join the X-Blades sports club affiliate program
Let’s work together. While we are apart.
We feel the impact that the current crisis is having on our sport and we know it's a hard time financially for clubs.

XBlades are one of the last Australian owned and operated sports equipment companies and the affiliate program is our way of giving back to the clubs, leagues and sports we’ve enjoyed playing, coaching and volunteering at, whilst ensuring our own survival. 

We want to work together with you as we believe we can support you, as you can support us . . . and together, we can help your club members.


Here’s how the affiliate program works.  

  • Clubs send a special XBlades offer to their members (across all our boots and clothing range).
  • XBlades gives all members a 30% discount (to help club members budgets stretch).
  • XBlades give clubs a 30% rebate on all sales from their fans (to help with club fundraising).

In doing so, we hope to stand alongside as many local leagues, clubs, teams and players as we can, to ensure just as many who came into this challenge, come out the other-side.
We have a great track record of partnering with clubs large and small and would welcome the opportunity to working together with you.
We are stronger together.  Let’s prove it.

Register your details below so we can get in contact.