Footwear Sizing Guide

How to take your correct size.

Taking the correct size ensures your boots are comfortable, be more durable and has an impact on your performance. Follow our guide below to find your perfect fitting.

Remember to stand up when measuring your foot to ensure the accuracy of your measurements!

Different materials stretch differently, so if you have any questions we're always ready to help! You can email us at or give us a buzz at (03) 9544 0199.


Foot Length.

From the centre point of your heel measure the length to your tallest toe, sometimes this may be a diagonal line instead of straight. Make sure you measure both feet and if in doubt go with the longer one!

Once you have your length you can compare it to our sizing guide below.

*Micro Jet Sizing: The microfibre of our 2018 Micro Jet boot does not stretch as much as leather boots and is a smaller fitting. For this boot, we recommend going up half a size.

 Foot Width.

Foot width is a good indicator of which boot style you would be best suited to, personal preference of playing with a tight or relaxed fit may also impact your most comfortable fitting. 

The foot width is a measure of the widest crossing of your foot, this may be different for everyone but is typically over the ball of your foot. You can then compare this with our sizing guide below.  

These measurements are to be used as a guide only. If your boots do not fit as you expected we offer returns in accordance with our returns policy, having tried the boots on is generally considered okay, playing or wearing the boots in is generally not.