Behind the Golden boots

On the weekend you may have noticed a pair of special boots on the feet of a goal-kicking machine for the Eagles. The one-of-a-kind design featured team colours and a golden eagle insignia fitting of a dual Coleman medallist. The special 200 game White-Blue-Gold design was just the tip of the iceberg in a serious set of custom wheels.  


He had just come back from a calf injury and needed a bit of extra love and support through his feet. We ended up making four different pairs of boots, through consultation with the big-marking forward and his podiatrist to get a pair of boots that would be just right. The boots had been constructed with variation in the heel-height, arch support and the amount of padding put behind the heel. These were then added to his custom last ensuring the boots were a perfect fit! The feet of a professional football might just be their most important asset, so the development team was determined to provide the most protective and comfortable boots for him.

XBlades will never settle for “good-enough”, it’s not in our culture, we are driven by the challenge to continually innovate and improve our boots. The feedback we received, in this case, can go directly into improving our range of boots for next year. Given he ended up booting six, we're proud of the end product, even if the result didn’t go the right way for his team.

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