A perfect NETFIT.

We are excited to announce our partnership with the NETFIT family as their custom apparel partner in 2020.

XBlades and NETFIT are committed to making awesome apparel for on and off the court, we’re excited at the chance to work with such an amazing group. We’ll be putting our heads together to work on some innovative styles and some kick-ass designs, all inspired to help all netballers spark up the court and feel comfortable.

Custom Apparel Manager, Tristan Banks, is thrilled to be partnering with such a fantastic and inspiring organisation as Netfit and to work closely with their wonderful CEO, Sarah Wall. Netball is a sport with a huge participation rate nationally and there is a real opportunity to collaborate on some innovative products, ultimately benefiting netballers across the country and then taking on the world!

With XBlades commitment to pushing the Australian sports industry forward and the fantastic approach to all-round athlete improvement and wellbeing from NETFIT, this partnership will be one to watch in 2020!

Our Netball 3D designer will be up and running shortly, along with some other exciting announcements from XBlades for the sport.