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Article: Product Development 2018

Product Development 2018

Product Development 2018

We are a brand that prides ourselves on bringing the best products to fit Australian sporting needs. We don't cut corners, nor do we take shortcuts. We develop, refine and strive for perfection. We seek out the best in the business to test our products.

When we bring a product to market the last tick of approval we get is from the athletes destined to wear them. Partnering with elite athletes gives XBlades an advantage over our competition, we are able to test products in the exact conditions they are designed for. Drawing on years of experience of our professional athletes allows us to better understand exactly how our products are performing. In doing so we are able to make the changes based on this feedback to bring features to our boots that no other company has thought of, or dared to do. Last season we worked closely with Jimmy Bartel to design the Jet boot, proving very popular amongst our sponsored AFL and NRL athletes.

For footwear, this season players like Matt Moylan, Jeremy McGovern and Bevan French have all played their part in the design and testing of the MicroJet range. Provided with early samples the players have been able to test the boot out in training and on match day, so far the feedback has been incredibly positive and provided some great insights. The player’s feedback is taken on board and run past industry leading biomechanic experts and sport science researchers at some of Australia’s top universities

For apparel, we approached St George Illawarra Dragons and offered to work alongside their elite athletes to develop a range of on and off-field apparel that was built with player feedback. In fact, two XBlades athletes Tyson Frizell and Jack De Belin were at the forefront of all our discussions.

With this, we take a player request or concept and make it into a reality. We then can follow up, test, tweak and perfect each feature of our range ensuring that the final product is not only backed by science but player approved.

With a history of innovation coming out of XBlades HQ this development process ensures we remain ahead of the curve of other footwear providers, able to bring forth technologies that aim to reduce fatigue, increase stability through the feet and provide extra comfort. With the 2018 range now officially launching, XBlades is pumped to bring you our best range ever!

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