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Voltaic Adrenaline JNR 2020


Feel the instant reaction in the Voltaic Adrenaline JNR.

In a game of moments, you'll need footwear that is ready to go as soon as you are, that's where the Adrenaline JNR kicks ahead. Adrenaline Jnr gives you the protection to play without fear. Focus on the game knowing we're taking care of your feet, a 10MM heel raise gives young feet a leg up on lower limb injuries, such as Severs. With a new easy to clean, lightweight Supercell upper, this boot won't tire anyone out, except your opponents! 

Burst out of the blocks and never look back with Adrenaline JNR.

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Key Features

Low Profile Outsole

The Adrenaline will help you stand out, but it's soleplate is all about keeping a low profile. While you'll still have all the traction you need, the lower profile outsole takes some pressure off your feet, especially important in protecting young feet from hard grounds.


Supercell Construction

Born for electrifying speed, the supercell mesh reduces boot weight allowing for an ultralight, fatigue reducing construction.


XPLODE Foam 10MM Wedge

Burst out of the blocks and run with explosive power with our new XPLODE foam. The high energy foam wedge cushions impact while running, reduces fatigue and minimises risk of lower limb injuries.It is concealed within the soleplate ensuring it doesn't take up excess moisture and remains as light as possible.


Memory Foam Heel

A comfortable padded heel that moulds to the players foot. A better fit is accomplished and therefore more comfort for the player.