Voltaic 2 Women's Football Boots


New season range!

Feel the energy surge through you, let Voltaic take you to a higher level

The lightweight Pebax construction of the X-SURGENT soleplate maximises energy return whilst reducing weight. Paired with the protective construction of its structured innerboard Voltaic is the strongest lightweight boot on the market. A kangaroo leather toe supports the foot while kicking and will mold to the unique shape of your feet, perfecting the fit. Our Resist-finish on the leather then helps to maintain it's longevity and durability.

Voltaic was built with the purpose of being a lightweight speed boot, ready for the forces of elite athletes, protective of their most valuable assets; their feet. A 24-month project working with stars of the AFL and NRL, Voltaic is a realisation of a footy boot that is the highest performing in its category.

The perfect storm is forming, unleash a wave of energy with Voltaic.