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Ultra Backpack 18

The Ultra backpack 18 is built for anything and everything you have planned.

Practical features such as the secure pockets and USB supercharger complement your work or social requirements whilst the active separator is perfect for training, match day or the gym. 

Key Features:

  • 20L Capacity
  • USB Supercharger
  • Protective Pockets
  • Active Separator Cover
  • Back and Spinal padding

Customer Reviews

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Key Features

USB Supercharger

When you need a little bit of a spark, or your phone needs some charge the USB supercharger is readily accessible and there to help out.


Protective Pockets

Perfect for those important items the protective pockets tuck away and hold onto your most valuable possessions.


Active Separator Cover

Perfect for keeping items securely separated, the separator is ready-made for active lifestyles keeping your sweaty gym, training or game day items away from the rest of your belongings.