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With extra space everywhere you look, the Legend Backpack is ready to go the distance.

 Triple compartments make for easy sorting and less clutter, whilst X-Zips make for easy access. You’ll never go thirsty with dual drink holsters and can rest easy knowing your back is protected from the back and spinal padding.


  • 40L Capacity
  • X-Zips
  • Tri-compartment Design
  • Dual Drink Holsters
  • Back and Spinal Padding

Customer Reviews

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Key Features


Smart Zip handles prevent frustrating moments fiddling with tiny zips.


Tri-Compartment Design

Allow for easy sorting and separating of your important items, meaning you won’t have to hunt through clutter to find them


Dual Drink Holsters

Quench any sized thirst with the ability to carry two drink bottles externally, without risking the rest of your belongings to unexpected water bottle leaks!