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Voltaic Adrenaline 2020 (Women's)



Feel the instant reaction in the Voltaic Adrenaline.

In a game of moments, you'll need footwear that is ready to go as soon as you are, that's where the Adrenaline kicks ahead. Fuel your dominance on the field with our impossible lightweight supercell mesh, an endurance-boosting material perfect for those choosing fight or flight. Adrenaline keeps its tricks hidden from opponents, inside its low profile FF outsole is an XPLODE Foam 10MM Wedge, a high-energy impact cushion and heel raise that is strides ahead of anything else out there.

Burst out of the blocks and never look back with Adrenaline.

Key Features

FightFlight Low Profile Outsole

Because of it's lower profile, our FF outsole gets you closer to the earth, which is no good for your opponents as there will just be more of your dust for them to bite. It's energise midsole gives every step a boost and shields your feet from excessive force. It's unique stud configuration then helps you dig your heels in when you have to fight out of a tackle or dominate an opponent. This outsole is ready to get your heart racing.


Supercell Construction

Born for electrifying speed, the supercell mesh reduces boot weight allowing for an ultralight, fatigue reducing construction.


Concealed XPLODE Foam 10MM Wedge

Burst out of the blocks and run with explosive power with our new XPLODE foam. The high energy foam wedge cushions impact while running, reduces fatigue and minimises risk of lower limb injuries.It is concealed within the soleplate ensuring it doesn't take up excess moisture and remains as light as possible.


Speed Ortholite Innersole

A cushioned innersole that helps take stress away from the bottom of your feet. The textured innersole allows for a stable fit and helps to reduce foot roll, ultimately increasing comfort and reducing instability underfoot.