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Voltaic Elite 2020 (Men's)

Voltaic Elite 2020 (Men's)
Voltaic Elite 2020 (Men's)
Voltaic Elite 2020 (Men's)
Voltaic Elite 2020 (Men's)
Voltaic Elite 2020 (Men's)
Voltaic Elite 2020 (Men's)

Voltaic Elite

Those worthy of wielding the surge of energy within Voltaic Elite, dictate how the game ends.

Seeking every ounce of performance, we developed a new tech-knitted upper; MagKnit, giving the Elite a lighter more comfortable fit that hugs the foot for unmatched responsiveness. When it's time to bring the thunder, the X-Surgent outsole provides electrifying traction ensuring that in all conditions you'll feel lightning quick.

Finally, Voltaic Elite is stitched in our legendary k-leather forefoot, enhancing your kicking feel and control and ensuring a personalised molded fit.

Voltaic Elite bring energy, leave opponent static.

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Key Features

XSurgent Soleplate

Built to maximise kinetic return while running, this soleplate is all about efficiency and energy. The X-Surgent soleplate grips to the grass suited to quick-steps, quick escapes and your oppponents quickly giving up ever catching you. Made strong in all the right ares, the sole plate is able to retain its structure under extreme speed and force to ensure undisturbed traction and support all game day.


Premium K-Leather

The most premium mateiral found in true footy boots, K-leathe. Our soft to touch leather is able to actively mould to the shape of your foot, giving the ultimate personal fitting unqiue to you. It is also able to provide players with an innate kicking feel off the boot and optimal comfort all game.


MAGknit Construction

A tight knitted construction that creates a locked in feeling as if the boot was magnetised to the foot. The knit is comfortable and keeps the foot secure in the boot without causing excess friction that could lead to blistering. The knitted material is lightweight, allowing additional comfort, great for reducing fatigue during exercise.


Structured Innerboard

Protecting your most important running tools; your feet. By keeping the boots shape and strength under duress, innerboard gives you the protection and support you need to have confidence in your footwear.