Jet 17

Meet Jet. The ultra-lightweight speed boot that boasts a split-second responsive construction that won't sacrifice your touch. Envisioned by big game playmakers to outsmart and outperform the toughest of competition,...


Legend Max

Meet Legend Max. As the name implies, it's got all the bells and whistles. Designed to accommodate orthotics in a sizing scheme to suit even the biggest of players, Legend...


Legend Womens

Meet Legend Women's. Designed, developed and mastered specifically for women, she provides a trophy like-touch and an elite control and maneuverability that will show the crowd what it really means...



Meet XForce. Developed alongside and for the utility player, it is the perfect accompaniment to anyone leaving nothing to chance. It'll provide you the connection and flexibility needed to play...



Meet Adrenaline. The boot designed to keep you on the field for longer. With its unique blend of maneuverability and traction, you can control any surface with rapid response. Adrenaline...


Legend Flash

Meet Legend Flash. Designed specifically for the no-nonsense footballer with a never-say-die attitude. Unwavering in its construction, Flash will have you executing with an aggression and forcefulness that ensures your...


Young Legend Flash

Meet Young Legend Flash. The boot made for any young aspiring athlete wanting to fulfil their dream of playing on the big stage. A perfect blend of traction and agility,...


Wild Thing

Meet Wild Thing. The animalistic boot that every game-changing footballer should have in their arsenal. Bare your teeth with unmatched performance and an unyielding propulsion that will leave your opposition...


Young Jet

Meet Young Jet. The junior boot with an elite control and flexibility that will have you looking and playing like your idol. With all features geared towards excellence you will...


Young Wild Thing

Meet Young Wild Thing. The junior boot for the young competitor wanting to stand out. Consisting of all the performance features, that will allow you to make an impact on...

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