Designed specifically for the most grueling of workouts, our Active T-Shirt will keep you focused on reaching your training potential.

Material composition:

- Merino Wool & Polyamide 

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Key Features

Intuitive Temperature Control

Created from Merino Wool, but made better by Nuyarn, and boasting an unmatched thermal resistance, our Active T-shirt will keep you at the ideal temperature, no matter the task at hand.


Lasting Comfort

Unlike conventional Merino Wool, Nuyarn has no twists therefore resulting in a loftier, more comfortable fit, keeping you happier for longer.


Odour Resistant

Whilst a good stench is proof of a workout well had, sometimes you need to smell a little sweeter, especially if you're catching up with a friend post-workout. Nuyarn's aeration technology keeps these smells at bay and even means not having to wash after each use.